.net Original, recognized, reliable – .net is one of the oldest and most enduring TLDs on the web. Second only to .com in popularity, this tried-and-true domain is registered on 15 million websites worldwide and has one of the strongest aftermarket values of any extension. For individuals and businesses everywhere, .net is an authentic and trusted choice.



The .net domain name extension has been around a long time, but it is still as relevant as ever. As a great alternative to .com it has stood the test of time. Don’t overlook this tried, true and trusted domain extension to start or expand your web presence.

Why should I buy a .net domain?

A .net extension is a great investment, whether you have an existing site or you're creating a new one. As a complement to your .com or .biz site, it can safeguard your internet identity and protect your brand. It also works great as an alternative – if you've missed out on your ideal .com domain name, try to find it with a .net extension.







Bring your idea to life on the web with a .net

If you want your business, product or idea to stand out on the Web, you need to start with the right domain. Get a .net and get the name you really want while still maintaining your individuality.

.net is perfect for you.

Entrepreneurs and innovators are turning their ideas into reality backed by the strength of a .NET domain name. Recognized and established worldwide, .NET injects businesses with instant credibility. The benefits of choosing a .NET domain name will immediately be recognized as your business grows and thrives online.

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